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Titles on Spec Computing
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Robot Dodge WIN | LINUX
Robot Dodge

The Witch's Broom WIN | LINUX
The Witch's

Top of the League
Top of the

Moonlander  for the Amstrad NC100 !
                    for Amstrad

The Monty Hall Problem implementation for Psion II Organiser !

What's New

April 2020:

Moonlander v1.1 for Amstrad NC100 released

Top of the League page redesigned

arch 2020:

Major website overhaul!

The Witch's Broom v1.1 Linux 32-bit
download now available

The Monty Hall Problem for Psion II
available in the archive section.

Platform Designer for Windows is in beta stage.

December 2019:

The Witch's Broom v1.1 released (win)

November 2019:

The Witch's Broom - a new seasonal mini game
ready to download for Windows here.

October 2019:

Moonlander v0.8 for Amstrad NC100
now available for download
from NCUS and Loftcat Archives

Ultimate Nightmare v1.2 BBC BASIC code
uploaded to archives.

August 2019:

Robot Dodge v1.3 for Win / Linux released

June 2019:

Archives section updated.

April 2019:

Mini text adventure Ultimate Nightmare
updated to v1.2.
RISC OS version

ROBOT DODGE v1.2 released - now with
XBox One controller support!
Windows version
Linux version

March 2019:

1992 BBC/Electron mini text adventure
Ultimate Nightmare optimised and re-released
RISC OS version

February 2019:

ROBOT DODGE is released
Windows version
Linux version

TOP OF THE LEAGUE names editor, original
user guide and world leagues are now freely
available. Palm OS downloads

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