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Top of the League

Top of the League is a long running soccer management strategy game based on the classic
comcept of guiding a team through the leagues to championship and cup glory!

Starting off as a BASIC game for the Amstrad CPC in 1988, I re-wrote the game for the Amiga in the
early 1990s and found it's way around the public domain circuit. In 2003 the Palm OS version was
released to a football hungry fan base. The game was later converted to Symbian phones in 2009.
I think it's fair to say the game quality steadily improved from quite average CPC and Amiga
versions to well regarded games on the Palm and Symbian OS.
A Windows / Linux version is in the early stages of planning/development in 2020.

Palm OS / Symbian Version Highlights:-

* Full eight round League Cup competition
* 4 divisions including the Premier
* League tables and fixture lists
* Transfer market - buy, sell, free transfers & contracts
* Promotions and relegations
* Save game facility
* Autopick best XI team
* Extensive player details, including age, career record and even how he is feeling
* Money & club financies
* Stadium expansion decisions by the board of directors
* Board of directors financial and transfer interventions
* Full Team selections plus opponent abilities
* Match commentary, scorers, injury time & penalty shoot-outs

Page contents:
    -    Screenshots
    -    Update History
    -    Requirements
    -    Licence
    -    Download Links
    -    Palm Leagues
    -    External Links
    -    Comments
    -    Symbian how to install
    -    Symbian FAQ & Contact

Screenshots - Symbian version


Screenshots - Palm OS version

Screenshots - Amiga



Screenshots - Amstrad CPC

Update History - Symbian

        v1.2 - February 2010: Improved options bar and fixes
        v1.1 - January 2010: Club Administration, new graphics and fixes
        v1.0 - July 2009: Initial release for Symbian

Update History - Palm OS

        v1.9 - October 2008: Updated to freeware no licence key required
        v1.8 - December 2007: Game stats export, admin changes, improved save game, help
                    improved, more scenarios, minor modifications and fixes
        v1.7 - March 2006: Graphics fixed for Palm OS 3.x machines, new graphics, fixes
        v1.6.1 - October 2005: New icons
        v1.6 - June 2005: Penalty shoot out section improved, scenarios added, player details
                    improved, icons changed, minor fixes
        v1.5 - December 2004: Export function added, stats updated, new graphics, tweaks and fixes
        v1.4 - July 2004: Optimised for ARM processors/Palm OS5. AI background improvements,
                    various tweaks and fixes to international selection and messages.
        v1.3 - May 2004: Match engine improved, retirement improved, various tweaks and improvements.
                    This is the highest version for the Fossil Watch PDA.
        v1.2 - February 2004: Half time tactics added, Match ticker added, Manager of the Month award,
                    Colour graphics, New transfer list filters, numerous AI tweaks and fixes.
        v1.1 - November 2003: In squad details, transfer list filters, board of directors improved AI,
                    Fixture list shows cup games, shareholders, various other minor improvements and fixes
        v1.0 - September 2003: Initial release

Update History - Amiga

        v1.4 - 1994 - Final Amiga release
        v1.0 - 1992 - Initial Amiga release

Update History - Amstrad CPC

        1990 - last revision for the Amstrad
        1989 - updated version for the Amstrad released to Public Domain
        1988 - Initial Amstrad version created


Symbian - Symbian phone running 3rd or 5th edition or UIQ
(eg: Nokia C6, X6, 5800, N97/mini, E72, Sony Ericsson Vivaz/Pro and P990)
Palm OS - devices running OS 3.5 upwards. Palm OS 5 devices recommended
Amiga and Amstrad CPC - All models


As of April 2020 Symbian, Palm, Amstrad and Amiga version are all freeware with copyright.

Download Links (all platforms)
Link 1: Top of the League v1.2 for Symbian download from Loftcat Software (zip file 957kb)
Link 2: Top of the League v1.2 for Symbian - download from Loftcat Software (SISX file -
            ideal to download straight to Symbian device)
Link 3: If you have a UIQ3 phone you can download the Top of the League a sis file here:
            [zip, 945k; sis file 946k from Loftcat Software]
For detailed instructions to install on a Symbian device, see the 'how to install' section. 
Palm OS: 
Link 1: Download from Loftcat Software
Link 2: Download full game from PalmDB 
Fossil Watch PDA:
Link 1: Download from Loftcat Software
Link 1: Download from Loftcat Software
Amstrad CPC:
Link 1: Download from Loftcat Software (as a part of a disc image)
Link 2: Download from Genesis8bit (

Download Palm Leagues!
The Palm OS version features different leagues you can download and play. You can get these
here, along with other files and extras...
- Original user guide
- Totledit v2.1 - names editor
- MLS USA League
- Italian League
- Scottish League

Other Top of the League External Links

AmigaPD Interview

Stuff TV 10 Best Football Apps, August 2009
TotL Amiga YouTube
Top of the League in CPC Power
Top of the League listed in the Amiga 17-bit catalogue ( Amos PD Disk 458 17-Bit Disk 2273)
Harsh but honest review of Top of the League in Amiga One January 1993 !

Comments and Accolades

Keep up the good work! AM, Japan

Congratulations on a great game for the PalmOS. Was addicted within 10 minutes.. RD, Ireland

Cool soccer game! Here's my cash! BC, USA

Nice game for my Sony Clie! Good skive potential at work! JT, West Midlands, England

Love the game, and I'm from the USA, not exactly a hotbed for soccer (football). Anyway,
        great job. GJ USA

Send me the code right away - I'm addicted! JB, USA

"I love this game. It's quite simple which is good for people like me with no patience and who
need a shallow learning curve but it grips you straight away. You choose your team and away
you go, choosing your players, selling, buying, arguing with the board for more money, coping
with injuries and sorting your tactics to get promoted to the next division up. Games like this have
lots of longevity and in theory can keep you going for years." Shaun McGill, PDA-Thoughts, also
of UK PDA Essentials magazine and PDA247 website. November 2003
"I won the league/cup double playing Top Of The League during one of the dullest and most
long-winded meetings in the history of university administration. This was very practical as it stopped
me from leaping across the table and stabbing people with my stylus. My Palm and TOTL
allowed me to remain serene, keep my job, and avoid serious prison time." Richard from
PalmAddicts Oct 04

Enjoy the thrills of football management without the sleepless nights...." "....well suited to fans
of the beautiful game" PDA Essentials Issue 19 Dec '03

PDA-247 [now 'Lost in Mobile'] Top 5 PDA Sports Games, October 2007 [Top of the League
    for Palm]

PDA Essentials [now Smartphone Essentials] featured on magazine cover disk March 2005
    [Top of the League for Palm]

Symbian Instructions - how to install

Extract the zip file containing the sisx file to your PC.

For Nokia phones connect your phone to your PC using the
Nokia PC Suite and double click on the
Top of the League_S60_selfsigned.sisx file to install to your phone.

When installing, choose Continue to 'Security Warning' and
'Application access' messages.

Please read the licence agreement and choose OK.

If you get a "Certificate error, contact SW supplier" message it
means your phone is set up to reject self-signed applications. You
need to go to your Application Menu, Settings, Applications, App.
manager and set 'Software Installation' to 'All'. (Learn more about signed apps)

Once installed you'll have a new TotL folder in your application menu.

If you need further assistance : Please send an email to tonykingsmill at
rocketmail dot com (replacing at with the at symbol and dot with a dot
and no spaces inbetween).

Symbian version FAQs

Is Top of the League still alive in 2020?
Yes! The Palm OS/Fossil PDA edition is free, and the Symbian version
has now been made free.
Retro versions (Amstrad CPC & Amiga) are also available here,
and future versions are in the pipeline for Windows and other platforms.

I get a "Certificate error, contact SW supplier" message when trying to
install TotL to my phone. A: Your phone is set up to reject Unsigned applications.
Go to Application Manager (App Mgr), choose Options, then Settings and
change the 'Software Installation' to 'All'.

What is Top of the League? A: Top of the League (TotL) is a football
management game for Symbian S60 phones. The game is based more around
fun and simplicity and steers away from the complexity and detail of many
modern management games.

What is Shareware? A: Top of the League is a shareware program. This basically
means you can download and try out the game, decide if you like it and choose
to purchase the whole game if you wish. You can play up to half a season
(as many times as you like) without registering.
Update 2020: Symbian version registration code is now available for free.

Will it run on my phone? A: Top of the League will run on Symbian S60 3rd and 5th
Edition phones. You can see if your phone falls into this category by looking at the
S60 Wiki page. If in doubt, thoroughly test the game on your phone before your
commit to registering.

Can TotL work with touch screen phones like the Nokia 5800?
A: Yes, TotL works fine with touch screen phones.

Why does it look similar to the previous Palm version?
A: Unfortunately the only
way I've been able to deliver TotL to the Symbian platform is using the Palm version
as a basis. I have spent considerable time tweaking the UI to work better with
Nokia phones, as well as introduce some new functionality such as "De-select All"
and "Auto Pick Team". I am hoping I can improve the UI with time to make it
look more like a native application.

I have already registered TotL for Palm, do I need to register for Symbian?
A: Not any more, Symbian and Palm version are now both available for free.
If you need a registration code for the Symbian version please contact me.

How can you contact me?
A: Please send an email to tonykingsmill at rocketmail dot com, replacing at with
the at symbol and dot with a dot and no spaces in-between. Unfortunately the
Yahoo Web Group is no longer available, but watch this space for future

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