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About Tony Kingsmill

I'm fortunate to have enjoyed a decent career from IT and software, but outside of my day job I write software, the odd articles and the occasional hardware project. I enjoy exploring all machines and platforms but am particularly interested in the BBC Micro/Electron, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, Psion PDAs as well as modern platforms.  Back in the day I ran Data PD Library for the Amstrad CPC, and have maintained the long running football game series Top of the League across several platforms, including the highly successful Palm OS version in the 2000s. I've maintained a constant website presence since 1997 and can be contacted at the address below. Thanks for visiting!

Project Timeline Highlights 1988-2023...
  • 1988
    Development began on Top of the League for the Amstrad CPC
  • 1989
    Lords of Magic self-published on 3" disc for the Amstrad CPC
  • 1990
    Data PD Library disc operation opened and Top of the League published at the same time
    Lords of Magic, Island of Chaos, Revenge of Chaos and Alien Planet published by The Guild/Adventure Workshop for Amstrad CPC/ZX Spectrum
  • 1991
    Talisman of Lost Souls published by The Guild/Adventure Workshop for Amstrad CPC/ZX Spectrum
    Data PD Library featured twice in Amstrad Computer User magazine
    Several articles and short type-ins published in Print-Out fanzine
    Screen Editor released into Data PD Library
    David Nagle opens Data PD cassette library
  • 1992
    Initial version of Top of the League written for the ZX81 (and later lost before being published!)
    Airline and and Ultimate Nightmare self-published on cassette for the BBC Micro/Acorn Electron
    Top of the League and World Geography for Amiga distributed by 17-Bit PD Library
    Data PD Library disc library closed to focus on university
  • 1994
    Knightwoode graphic adventure released for Amiga
    Last update to Top of the League for Amiga released
  • 1995
    Conflict Mars and Bottles released for Amiga
  • 1996
    Bomber written for DOS
  • 1998
    Helpdesk Database (MS Access)
  • 2000
    Proverb Pairs and OXO for Windows released online (Visual Basic)
  • 2002
    Airline and Ultimate Nightmare for BBC/Electron republished online with new set of instructions
  • 2003
    Top of the League for Palm OS published on Handango and
  • 2006
    ZX81 1K challenges including Menace Mouse Attack and The Monty Hall Problem
  • 2007
    Space Driller released for Palm OS
    Stuff TV Top of the League review
  • 2008
    Last update for Top of the League on Palm OS
    Amiga Minimig review & guide published online
  • 2009
    Password Inventor and QReplace written for Windows (Visual Studio)
    Top of the League for Symbian OS released
  • 2011
    Moonlander for Amstrad NC100 released (and later distributed on 'Tim's Amstrad Site')
  • 2012
    Football Cards written with HTML5 for web / iOS published online
  • 2014
    Apple Power PC maintained software list online
  • 2019
    Robot Dodge and Witch's Broom mini games (Windows/Linux) written with my kids :)
  • 2020
    Ultimate Nightmare for Acorn Electron/BBC Micro gets a major make-over and re-release on
    Amstrad NC100 comms articles published online
  • 2021
    Xenoblast for ZX Spectrum released by Cronosoft and on
  • 2023
    Reactor Rod for Windows released on
    Airline get a major overhaul and rename to Airline Boss on
  • 2024
    Ghostship Delgado adventure for BBC Micro released on

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