Loftcat's DivIDE case (prototype)

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  Page created January 2005, last updated March 2020

The top of the case slides open for easy access to the CF card and switch. At the moment I've only design the case for a flat CF board as in the picture. It's also only been design with a rubber key Spectrum 48K. The perspex used is quite old and scrached (it's only a prototype!).

The main job of the case is to protect the DivIDE from spills and dust. At the moment there's nothing to attach the case to the Spectrum.

You can see how the top door slides open. On the prototype I've just used a rubber grip to help it open and close.

You can see some of the casing stands higher than the rest, something that will be improved on a finished version.

Because the DivIDE doesn't have any screw holes on the PCB it makes it tricky to space from the casing. Here I've just experimented with tape and rubber feet.

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