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Data PD Library

Data PD Library was a UK Public Domain library service I ran from 1990 to late 1992, supplying software for the Amstrad CPC on cassette and disk formats, and for a short while on the Amiga.

David Nagle ran the Amstrad cassette service for a time and introduced his own artwork and library.

Unfortunately I no longer have all the original disk collection but most software is available to download across the internet. For self-written software or software initially published through Data PD I'm in the process of compiling and hosting software here to download. I'm also hosting some unique archives here such as newsletters and some of the magazine articles.



Current Data PD Disks available

I am adding new links to Amstrad dsk files here. For now see Amstrad downloads archives section.

Newsletter scans

Issue 1 - roundup includes All Out and At the Races
Issue 2 - roundup inc Forcefield, Top of the League, Spelling Quiz
Issue 3 - roundup inc The Island, The Base, Soundata, Firestone
Issue 4 - News of the Plus machines, competition, pokes round-up
Issue 5 - Adventure news, cheats, roundup of Desktop, Tizpan, Lost Shadow
Issue 6 - Adventure tips, Rambase, Timebomb, What IQ, Personal Finance
Issue 7 - Make or Break, CPC Pilot, Thomas, Classic Adventure
Issue 8 - Year roundup plus Space Froggy, Blockup, Wipeout, competition
Issue 9 - Fanzines, Eve of Shadows, World Clock, Fonts
Issue 10 - Playing tips, catalogue, fonts
Data PD News File April 1991 - cassette library news

Can you help?

Do you have any old Data PD disks, newsletters, disk catalogues or related info?
If you have anything to help add to this webpage please contact me.

Amstrad Computer User Magazine

Data PD Newsletter March 1991

Notable Data PD Software and Authors

Simon Avery
Simon release a number of adventures into the public domain, many of which made their way to Data PD early on, with memorable titles including 'Can I Cheat Death?' and 'Jason and the Argonauts'. Many of Simon's games are available on Launchbox as well as a number of other archive sites.

Croco Magneto
A French arcade adventure game released into the public domain, Croco Magneto was a cut above most public domain releases at the time. It was brought a wider audience when Amstrad Action published the game on a covertape in 1992.

Ken Bond
Ken Bond was a very well regarded expert using Professional Adventure Writer (PAW - by Gilsoft) and author of several adventures released in the early 1990s, including The Base and The Island.

Eve of Shadows
Rob Buckley's Eve of Shadows is a superb graphic adventure released for the Amstrad CPC. With excellent location descriptions and beautiful graphics the game could have passed as a decent commercial release had Rob decided to take that route. Instead we saw one of the best public domain games available on the Amstrad at the time.

Edmund Spicer
Edmund was a prolific writer of Amstrad graphic and text adventures using PAW and GAC, many of his games released first into Data PD. There's an entertaining interview with Edmund from 2020 published here.


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