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200 years into the future humans have peacefully colonised deep space. Things have taken a dark turn as
recent xeno discoveries have turned hostile. News reaches HQ alien life forms have overtaken several human
colonies in the outer region, and you are amongst the best pilots to repel their offensive.

Xenoblast puts you charge of a class 2 defence ship, an agile fighter with the weaponry to take on the hostile
aliens. Guide your ship safely through the colonies, destroying as many xeno fighters as possible, and remove
the motherships delivering alien drones to the human colonies.

Take on hoards of alien ships through 7 levels of arcade shoot-em-up action and liberate the colonies before
it's too late! Good luck!

Navigate the levels by firing at xeno ships using smart bombs, avoid the human station sides as you go.
Q - Up
A - Down
O - Left
P - Right
Space - Fire
S - Smart Bomb (Space when joystick used)
H - Pause

Interface 2/Sinclair joystick supported

Design & Code: Tony Kingsmill
Additional Code and Music: Rich Hollins
Graphics Lobo, Tony Kingsmill
Authored with SEUD by Jonathan Cauldwell
Sound Effects created with SoundFX

Xenoblast on
Xenoblast on ZXArt

Screenshots - ZX Spectrum (48/128K)


Update History

        v1.0 - (Spring 2021)


ZX Spectrum 48/128K

Licence and Distribution

Copyright distribution, download and physical release Tony Kingsmill / Loftcat Software / Cronosoft

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ZX Spectrum

Physical release available at Cronosoft now!

Download version available from

Ultimate Nightmare 2092
BBC / Acorn Electron

YouTube video
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