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Ultimate Nightmare 2092


Ultimate Nightmare is a smallish text adventure game I originally wrote back
in 1992 on my Acorn Electron. My Amiga was undergoing repair and I need a
programming fix, so out came my previous computer for some BBC BASIC programming.
I had intended to release the game to public domain but that didn't really happen at the time.
In 2002 I converted to a uef and hosted it on my website where it sat pretty much without any
interest until EUG picked it up and hosted it.

Never really happy with the game I made a host of changes in 2020 and am
now pleased to release a much updated version.

Some of the changes made:
- Inclusion of a intro section containing background
and instructions.
- Graphical loading screen
- Improved load/save game error trapping
- Upper and lower case is now accepted
- Updated location description and character text
- More things can be EXAMined and explored
- Turn counter at the top of the screen
- Various typo/spelling errors corrected.

Screenshots - BBC Micro

Update History

        v1.3 (2020) - Updated 2020 release for BBC Micro / Electron
        v1.2 (2018) - converted to BBC Basic for Windows/RISC
        (2002) - Converted to UEF
        v1.0 - (1992) Initial release.


v1.3 - BBC Micro (model B and Master tested); Acorn Electron or under emulation



Download Links
BBC / Electron
Download Ultimate Nightmare 2092 from Github
Available files:
- SSD Disk Image for BBC/Electron (recommended), tested with Elkulator and BeebEm.
- UEF Tape Image for BBC/Electron - tested on BeebEm
- WAV file - created with FreeUEF
- Full map (v1.2 2018)
- Walk-through (for v1.3 2020)

Other Ultimate Nightmare External Links

Ultimate Nightmare 2020 on YouTube
Ultimate Nightmare (original version) hosted of EUG#69

Ultimate Nightmare 2092
BBC / Acorn Electron

Amstrad NC100

The Monty Hall Problem
Psion II Organiser

The Witch's Broom
Windows / Linux

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