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Robot Dodge

              Dodge Screenshot

Latest Version: v1.3 - August 2019
Original Version:
v1.0 - February 2019

Robot Dodge is a retro style arcade game where Roby has to escape the baddie droids which have been programmed to
chase him down. Featuring power-ups and fast paced, old-school action in this simple arcade game of dodge.

Design: Robot Dodge is my first effort at writing a mini game using GL Basic. The game was a family effort, with the graphics and artwork designed by 9 to 11 year olds.

Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 or Linux 32-bit Ubuntu or equivalent, 1GB Ram, 3.5MB disk space

Licence: Freeware

Windows Downloads:

Option 1: Download  from @ CNET

Option 2: Download from Github

Option 3: Download from Loftcat Software

Linux Downloads:

Download from

Download from Github (approx 1.6mb)

Download from Loftcat Software

Windows Installation Instructions:
Download from the above link and double click to run. If prompted with Windows security alert accept installation. Follow
the installer instructions. An icon will be added to your desktop. Uninstall Instructions: right click on the desktop icon to
remove. Remove the program files (default folder is C:\Program Files\LoftcatSoftware\RobotDodge.

Linux Installation Instructions:
Unzip the file and follow the instrutions in the readme.txt file.

Controls: Use cursor arrow keys, or A, D, W, S. Xbox One controllers supported.

Version History:
v1.1 - xbox controller support
v1.2 - control improvements
v1.3 - bug fixes



In game action:

Robot Dodge FAQ:

Q: A blank icon is showing on the desktop (Windows 10)
A: If the proper Robot icon doesn't show, right mouse click on the icon and go to Properties. On the Shortcut tab click
on the Change Icon button and browse to C:\Program Files(x86)\LoftcatSoftware\RobotDodge\. Double click on the RobotDodge.exe file.

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