Go east and collect the twig. Go up to Fergo's Farm and enter the barn. Get
Jamjar. Head to Old Jack's place and go in the shed. Give the Jamjar to
Greg, who will give you a note. Go up to the main doors of the house and
give the note to Fripples who will let you in. Explore the house room by
room and collect everything. Go upstairs and open the chest and the cabinet.
Type Look and you will see what you have found.
Leave the house and go to the Blacksmith's place. Give Poster to the
blacksmith and he will leave you with a horseshoe. Go to Henry's Horses and
give him the horseshoe. He will then decide to let you have a horse (which
you carry!!). Leave the village for part two.

To get past the thick guards, simply Wear Stag Head and they will think you
are an innocent animal. Go to the tree cutter and give him the twig. In
return he will give you some cream. Now go up to the field where the lady
is. Give Cream To Lady and she will let you into her cottage. In the cottage
grab the strawberries and the tankard. Put the strawberries in your bowl
(Use Bowl With Strawberries). Talk to the lady on the way out and leave for
part three.

PART THREE:- (Password = RED RAIN)
Talk To Woodpecker and then head south and get the bag. Open Bag. Open Soap
Bag. Go to the bridge and Give Toothpaste To Garth (also give him the
Toothbrush). When you get to the party, put on the wig and talk to the
guard. In the party, fill your tankard up with beer (Use Tankard With Beer).

PRISON SECTION:- (only accessible by getting caught by guards etc.)
Type Use Sword On Door to break the door open, then head back to the map.
If you are not carrying the sword, you should have been! You'll have to go
back to where you last saved it.

PART FOUR:- (Password = REGRET)
Give Tankard to the guard (assuming it contains beer!) and he'll let you
past. Get the onion at the market, and the shoe nearby. Go to Winnie Witch's
place and give her the shower gel. She will hand you a spray. Go right down
to the inn and give the onion to the barlady and collect the lighter.
At the northern lookout, collect the brick, and go to the castle square and
Examine Fountain - the fish will come in use. 
Now go up to the entrance to the tower and Give Spray To Guard.

PART FIVE:- (Password = HEAVEN)
Enter the store room and examine everything, collecting everything. Go down
to the small room where the vault is and Use Sword On Guard. He will back
off and let you to the vault. Collect the scroll and the gunpowder. Examine
Shoe and you'll find a lace. Use Lace With Gunpowder so that the lace is
tied to the gunpowder. Head up the stairs and towards death row. Before the
wolf, Open Tin and the manic creatures will savage the wolf. Go north and
Give Fish To Tiger. Go north again and Talk To Fastflow September. Go back
to the passageway and head up again. In the corridor, go south before Busty
Bella. Give Bowl To Busty Bella and she will let you into Nojoy's command
room. Use Brick On General Nojoy and he will be dazed. Now Use Chains On
General Nojoy and he'll give you a key.
Leave the tower and head for the trapdoor. Use Key On Trapdoor and go Down
(d). After talking to the turtles, head east in the sewers. Make sure the
lace is attached to the gunpowder and Use Lighter With Gunpowder. THE END!

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